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IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 3 by Peter Nolan Smith

Bernard was waiting at Charles De Gaulle Aeroport. He had arranged a week’s stay at a hotel in Paris’ old Jewish Quarter. Opening night was that evening. He had been tapped to be the club’s DJ. The Rex was under an old cinema along the Grand Boulevard. The magazine held high hopes for the subterranean […]

THE ONLY YEH YEH GIRL By Peter Nolan Smith

The teenagers of the 50s worshipped Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Buddy Holly as dead gods, but my generation’s focus was dedicated to the living and the stars of the 1960s were transported by TV and radio to my family house south of Boston. Bob Dylan’s BLOWING IN THE WIND knocked Elvis off his throne […]

SKIN COLD AS ICE by Peter Nolan Smith

When Lou Reed had died seven years ago, a friend had called to ask, if I had known the singer. I had said, “No.” El-Roy was a pussy hound and asked if I thought Nico was a good fuck. “I don’t know,” I rhad eplied and hung up thinking one thing. The Velvet Underground’s singer […]

Bullet Holes A Les Bains-Douches

The entrance to Les Bains-Douches was at the top of stone stairs on Rue Le Bourg l’Abbe. Heavy wooden doors contained thick glass provided protection for the clientele and our security force or Blck Jack, Mark, and me, the physionomiste ie doorman. Every night hundreds of Parisiennes and foreigners stood on the sidewalk waiting for […]

The Language Of Thieves

Back in the 80s I lived on Ile St. Louis with a South African model. Her husband paid the rent. He lived in the South of France, where he had a clothing factory in Biot. Vanesse had lied to her husband and said that I was gay. “I have nothing against ‘gay’. Guy had fought […]