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I was lucky enough to live through the 1960s as a teenager on the South Shore of Boston. Home was still home to us. My friends and I led charmed lives at the Quincy Quarries, Surf Nantasket, and Wollaston Beach ON THE SOUTH SHORE recounts those lives. The time was short, but retelling these tales […]

A MAN OF SPEED by Peter Nolan Smith on Kindle

In early September of 1960 Hurricane Donna struck New England as a category 2/3 storm. The radio station WBZ announced numerous school closing. My primary school on the South Shore, Our Lady of the Foothills, was one of the first on the list following Beaver Country Day School in Newton. My older brother and I […]

BAD DRIVING by Peter Nolan Smith on KINDLE

I am not the best driver in the world. Accidents happen. I’ve had more than a few and BAD DRIVING is a collection of short stories about my mishaps on the road. I survived them. although in an alternative universe I died on more than one occasion. Drink was involved in several and I swore […]

MAYBE TOMORROW a punk novel by Peter Nolan Smith on KINDLE

CHAPTER 1 The November sun flashed off a West Village window. The wavering reflection stalked the Christopher Street pier to a lone youth tuning a battered guitar. The twenty year-old in a battered leather jacket broke into a sly smile, as the sapphire shimmer transformed the blonde leather boy into a fallen angel regaining his […]