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The Popularity of Castration

In 2010 Thailand’s The Nation reported on a growing castration (lopping off the testicles) or gaan dton trend amongst young wannabe ladyboys without funds to finance a complete sexual transformation. The castration operation costs $130US or 4400 baht and in most cases requires parental approval. These young boys are convinced that ridding themselves of their […]

Moral Dilemma of Ka-Toeys

Every year international transvestites flock to Pattaya for Miss Tiffany World Beauty Contest. The event was televised on Thai national TV and hosted by the reigning Miss Thailand representative to the Miss Universe contest, something like this would never happen in the States, because Miss America is too much of a square to deal with […]

The Price of Beauty

Thailand is well-known for the beauty of its ka-toeys or ladyboys. Every year the country hosts the Miss Tiffany International Beauty Contest awarding a million baht to the most beautiful TV in the world. The show is televised throughout the nation and everyone cheers on their favorites. Usually a Thai ka-toey wins, since Thai women […]

Most Beautiful Girl in Thailand Part 2

A reader criticized my entry THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE THAILAND for being a waste of time. He must have googled these world and somehow found my site. It certainly isn’t on the front page of Google. Offended by my suggestion that the most beautiful girl in Thailand was a lady-boy, I googled these […]

The Most Beautiful Girl in Thailand

This friday Tiffany Show World on Pattaya’s 2nd Road hosts the annual Miss Tiffany Universe pageant for women of the 2nd category from all over the world. The event is viewed by millions of Thais and hosted by the reigning Miss Thailand Universe, who is naturally feminine while the beauty of her ka-toey sisters are […]