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Five Things I Love About America

I was born in the USA. Bruce Springsteen sings the line in his hit BORN IN THE USA about fifty times. The Thai go-go girls at Tahitian Queen 1 dance to that song every day. None of them join in the chorus, but the ex-pats on the bar stools chant every word of the refrain […]

Spoof on Soi 6

Yesterday I was drinking with my good mate Fabo at the Buffalo Bar. It was empty of farangs. Most Europeans had stayed home to watch Euro Cup 2012 at home. The girls at the bar wore long faces. Few had had a customer in weeks. They huddled around Fabo and me, as if we were […]

4th Of July Koreathon

The island of Hawaii survived the threat of a North Korean missile barrage promised by the outlaw nation’s leader. The seven rocket salvo was condemned by the U.S., South Korea and Japan, as the short-range missiles fell into the sea some 300 miles after launch. None of the rockets were carrying a nuclear warhead to […]