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Peace in Our Time

This week the Israeli court came to the preconceived conclusion that the Zionist state had nothing to do with the 2003 bulldozing death of US activist Rachel Corrie, thus ending her parents’ long fight to force the apartheid state to admit guilt. The Corrie family was seeking $1 plus legal expenses in damages. The BBC […]

Weenies of Arizona

Arizona’s senate race sloshed into the sun-dried gutter with JD Hayworth’s poster depicting John McCain as an extra in the blockbuster film AVATAR with the banner Nominee for Best Conservative Actor under the photo. The senator’s re-election staff asked for the Hayworth campaign to withdraw the ad, however his spokesperson flatly refused to take such […]

Is She Really Going Our With Him?

I love that song by Joe Jackson, but I doubt the GOP will use it for their campaign. Also I have to retract my statements about Sara Palin’s book-banning. According the Newsweek the list is a fake and I fell for the scam of liberal bloggers like a rube from Ft. Kent Maine. Newsweek purports […]

Old Geezer Go Go

Last night John McCain spoke to the GOP convention in St. Paul. He has the scars to prove his patriotism. His campaign coffer is filled with $200,000,000. His feisty VP is prepared for a down-and-dirty fight. She knows how to gut a moose and sleep inside its carcass. If I were John McCain I would […]

McCain offers his Wife to Bikers

Sturgis North Dakota hosted its annual Harley round-up with nearly a half-million bikers descending on the town of 5000. One visitor came without a bike. John McCain. The Arizona Senator entered into the spirit of Bikestock by offering to enter his wife in the Miss Buffalo Chip go-go dancing contest prior to a concert by […]