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The Importance Of Size

Judging from the number of spam emails that I have received over the years about adding length and girth to a penis, I would have to assume that the typical porno-surfing male’s sense of inadequacy is much greater than their anxiety of hair loss, obsession with obesity, and fear of impotency. Most online XXX films […]

The Rules of Modern Manhood

During my last sojourn to Pattaya I was sitting with Fenway’s mom and several Thai women. They extolled my eating spicy food. I mentioned that most Thai men don’t eat food dosed with chili. The two nearby Thai men argued, “Kin pet dai.” “So you eat sum tam?” I asked about the fiery mango salad. […]

I WANNA BE HIM by Peter Nolan Smith

A good percentage of the spam cluttering my email inbox are ads for penis enhancements. The rest range from Viagra and porno to baldness and obesity cures. None of them are very sophisticated, since they are aimed at bald fat man with sexual issues. I’ve had a good sex life, although not this year. I’m […]

I See London. I See France

The eyes of the world are on the London Olympics and the athletes are under the scrutiny of the largest gathering of journalist and TV reporters ever assembled in the history of the world and while the games are about the excellence of sports, the media seeks to capitalize on even the smallest items to […]

Mandingo Madness

The is a website showing the national penis size of countries around the world. I’m half-Irish. We are far from the smallest, although were not even close to the Sudan. We are all John Holmes at the moment of truth. To see the map please go to the following URL http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=3073