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No Dave’s Luncheonette

Wednesday evening I arrived at the Santos Party House at 7pm. Walter Durkarcz the organizer for Mark Kamins Celebration Of A Life had asked me to come in early. Jorge Socarras was handling the guest list. “How long you want me to do the door?” I asked upon starting the night “I have some young […]

Danceteria Re-Union 2015

Last night Joe Stanich ran a Danceteria re-union at the Rumpus Room in the Lower East Side. The underground nightclub lasted from 1979 until its closure in 1986. Twenty-nine years ago. The old school show up in numbers. We posed. We connected. We got profane. But mostly we spoke about Anita Sarko passing from this […]

$8.75 Steak A La Danceteria

I bought a steak with three drink tickets or two with a bump 56 minutes ago · Like Henry Benavides commented that he and Ann the elevator girl made Guacamole one night with main ingredient Vodka. It sold out. Then I picked up Ann and put her butt first in the garbage can in the […]

Out My Window

Last night I saw the above photo posted on FB by John Argento, the owner of the Surf Bar in Jersey City. I looked out my window and saw the twin columns of light marking the approaching commemoration of 9/11. I called a friend on the phone. Eleven years ago he and I along with […]

Danceteria Reunion – Aspen Bar 47th Street

I never attended my 20th high school reunion. Xaverian Brothers was all-boys. The brothers failed me for religion. I didn’t believe in the idea of a god. Brother Karl flunked me for German 101. I never blamed him for my failure. My stutter was hard on languages, but I was the only one of his […]