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Little White Lies from BET ON CRAZY

Every start of the holiday Selling Season Manny, my boss on 47th Street, told the diamond sales staff, “Most people lie 17 times a day. In order for you to make sales. Lots of sales. I expect you to get your lies into triple figures. He who lies best, makes the sale.” People lie and […]

Chinese Iron Rooster BET ON CRAZY

My teenage nephew stopped by 47th Street yesterday evening. It was closing time for our exchange. Zeb goes to a mid-town high school. Public. His father works over at Rockefeller Center. He does something with TV. “You going home?” Zeb and I lived in Fort Greene. His father worked late. The long-haired student liked my […]

Pierre of the Poo Poo Plaza

Opening a jewelry store in the Plaza seemed like a no-brainer to Richie Boy. “Location location location.” He chanted in extolling the main attribute of our new enterprise. “The Plaza is the oldest institution in New York.” “I think Fraunces Tavern has it beat by two centuries.” I rarely drink at that bar any more. […]

Make Nice to a Piece of Shit BET ON CRAZY

47th Street is a closed community. Everyone knows each other. If you say something about someone to somebody else, you can be sure whatever you said will be filter through several layers to come out much worse than what you had originally had stated to the first person. Best in most cases to say nothing, […]