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Two Septembers ago I checked the morning weather report online. The forecast for the Tri-State area determined my attire for the diamond exchange, especially as the summer and autumn of seesawed during September. The AM meteorologists predicted temperature would top off at 75 with rain hitting the city by the afternoon, so I dressed in […]

ONE RPM by Peter Nolan Smith

Published in ELK 2006 February’s blizzards buried New York City with two-foot drifts and people conversed about Global Warming as a distant threat in comparison to Iraq. America was gearing up to war and nothing could stop the process, because the President was acting like a pit bull too stubborn to spit out the bone […]

More than 10% Divine

Ava, my co-worker at the diamond exchange, said the other day that she had no gay friends. The Brazilian mother of one is a firm fundamentalist and a devout believer in the Bible. Hell is a place for sinners and God has a special oven for the worshipers of man-sex for her church. It is […]

THIEF OF TIME by Peter Nolan Smith

My first watch was a Timex bought by my father for my 14th birthday. I wore that timepiece throughout high school and college. It disappeared in the mid-70s. Lost, but not stolen. I went without a watch for the reminder of the decade. Punks in the East Village had no use for time. Our days […]

The Best of Wines

My vintner sells a bottle of $10 Chardonnay. My palate torched by even more unpalatable wines appreciated the almond and citrus hints of this Languedoc vintage thanks to many summers spent in that southern region of France. My cousin, Runback, would consider this swill. His taste runs to wines of a better caliber. Financiers don’t […]