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Old Men Love to Rock Pattaya

When I was 55, I was listening to Jefferson’s Airplane’s SOMEBODY TO LOVE on Pattaya’s notorious Soi 6. The trio of sub-20 Thai girls wanted me to visit an upstairs short-time room. “You sexy man. How old you. 40?” Even through beer goggles my mirror doesn’t lie more than 49. My wife thinks I’m ancient, […]

Woodstock Plus 44 Years

On the weekend of August 15-18 in 1969 I was 17 years-old. My hair was a little long. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of young people were heading to the Woodstock Music and Art Festival. I had to work washing dishes. There was nothing cool about that. I dropped out for permanent that autumn. […]

SOMEONE TO LOVE The Great Society

In 1965 Grace Slick and her husband formed the Great Society in San Francisco. They released ‘SOMEONE TO LOVE’ as a live single on Autumn Records with Sly Stone as the producer. Sadly Grace left the band to join the Jefferson Airplane, which scored a huge hit with their version of SOMEONE TO LOVE. To […]

The Amnesia of You

“As you get old you forget. As you get older you are forgotten.” The other day a woman sent a query to my Facebook page. “Are you who I think you are?” Cheyne had worked at the Milk Bar as a waitress. Cute mulatto singer from London. 21. I remembered her well. I wrote back […]


A little before midnight. Today I worked at the diamond exchange. There are no customers. Only the rich have money. Richie Boy has sold big-money items to his wealthy friends. $260,000 for a magnificent sapphire. The buyer in investment. $190,000 for a stunning Fancy Yellow diamond. A gift from a media personality to his wife. […]