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No Guns For Me

When I first arrived in New York, a gay jazz pianist friend of James Spicer, offered me a .38 at a Christopher Street bar. “No, thanks.” “No, thanks?” CT was small. He carried a piece for protection. New York in 1977 was very dangerous for man, woman, and in-between. “Someone like you needs a gun.” […]

Letter To A Legend

mr. cecil taylor I was walking down the street the other day and found myself engaged in conversation with the construction foreman renovating the house next to yours. Having worked in metal we spoke about scrapping rust from the ironwork on the stoop as well as our health. Both of us are in our early […]

Sleep Like A Baby

Last evening Madame l’Ambassador and I attended a concert by the saxist Joshua Redman, the son of Dewey Redman. We had spent the day touring Triers’ roman ruins and I was feeling a little frayed by the time we arrived at the Luxembourg Philharmonic. “I might fall asleep,” I warned the ambassador. It was a […]