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Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog

My mother loved the Pearl Harbor movie TORA TORA TORA. TORA TORA TORA meant ‘attack attack attack’ in Japanese. Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog translates the same in Korean. This week North Korea has suggested to Russia and the UK that they abandon their diplomatic missions in Pyongyang before April 10, stating that the government will not […]

New York State Of Mind

Last night I was sitting in Frank’s Lounge bemoaning the Patriots 20-18 loss to the Cards. “It was a fix. That holding charge against Danny Woodhead was weak. You know when the refs blow a call, when the TV doesn’t show the replay.” I was on my fourth beer and speaking loud to Paco and […]