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LOST AT NIGHT by Peter Nolan Smith

In the winter of 1990 I bought a round-the-world ticket from Pan Express in New York. The total cost was $1500 and the travel agency’s gaunt boss helped to arrange the path of my six-month circumnavigation of the globe. “Sir, you are going West.” John had a quaint Indian accent. He was about my age. […]

FROM BIAK TO MEDAN by Peter Nolan Smith on Kindle

FROM BIAK TO MEDAN covers my travels from Indonesia’s Irian Jaya to Sumatra in 1991. It was time was before cellphones and ATM. My modes of transport were tramp liners, jets, prop planes, horses, motorbikes, trains and buses. I was a ‘mistah’, but soon learned enough Bahasa Indonesian to know that ‘angin’ was dog and […]

Dewi Sukarno – Dragon Lady

Several years ago the 4th wife of Indonesia’s 2nd President accused the recently-departed 2nd President of shortening her husband’s life. The 19 year-old fiery entertainer had met the 57-year-old Sukarno during a state visit to Japan. She has always denied the rumors of her geisha background. Her non-conciliatory declaration was the sole voice of dissent during the mourning […]