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Journal Entry – June 22, 1977 – Gaslight Pub – Park Slope

Last night the improv class at Hunter College was crazy, as Chuck, Carla, and I created another version of STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE about trannys. Carla went home with her ex-husband. I headed back to Brooklyn. No one from Manhattan wants to bridge or tunnel to that borough. At the Gaslight Pub the crowd was in […]

Journal Entry June 11, 1977

James’ drinking hasn’t lessened a single degree, in fact it has worsened over the last few days. Mark Amitin said that James was terribly infatuated with me, which was the main cause of his insane drunkenness. Looks like I’ll have to head north or west sooner than I thought, because of this unstable environment. No […]

Journal Entry June 11, 1977

I sleep phenomenal lengths of time. 2AM to 1PM My dreams cascade into more dreams. A sign of definite depression. At first I liked the refuge, but I can’t stand wasting so much of the day, taking me further and further from writing and making me a bullshit artist. James Spicer drinks too much has […]

GAY BOY by Peter Nolan Smith

My first eight years were spent on Falmouth Foresides across the harbor from Portland. Summers my brothers and sisters swam in Watchic Pond and rowed dories from the dock at the end of the street. Winters we skated on an ice rink constructed in our backyard. The harbor at the end of the street was […]

Maundy Thursday

In 1977 I was living in Park Slope with James Spicer. The silver-haired jazz impressario represented several stars and monthly charged me $120 for a room in the spacious townhouse. We drank up the street at the Gaslight Pub. James thrived on the streetwise clientele and I sparred with a Frenchman for pinball supremacy. Michel […]