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Francia Go Bragh

The November Paris Attacks shocked the world into adopting Paris as everyone’s City of Light. City Halls around the globe were lit red, white, and blue to honor the dead. Egalite, Fraternatie,et Liberte were translated into every language. Berets and baguettes were treated with respect. French fries were French fries even in the Deepest South. […]

O’Bama The Man

My first presidential vote was for George McGovern in 1972. The Democratic candidate’s middle name was Stanley and he proposed to end the War in Vietnam as well as cut Pentagon spending by 37%. Nixon won by a landslide. The South Dakotan’s electoral wins were Massachusetts and DC. Afterwards Bay Staters said that our support […]

Socialized Medicine

My mother liked to say that she went down to the valley of death during my birth. 12 hours spent trying to push my infant body from her womb. Finally the doctor clasped my fragile head with steel forceps and dragged me from my mother’s body. The procedure is a common practice in childbirth, however […]