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Iraq = Texas

The State of Texas has been the most executingest state in the union of the past two decades under the governors GW Bush and Rick Perry. Capital crimes of murder are joined piracy, cattle rustling, treason, desertion, and rape. GW Bush executed 152 condemned prisoners with a single stay of death for serial killer Henry […]

Eight And Out Of Iraq

On September 11, 2001 the United States was assaulted by three hijacked commercial airliners. A fourth jet crashed into a Pennsylvania field. 9/11 shocked the nation and its populace sought revenge. The President, CIA, and FBI laid the blame on supporters of Osama Bin Ladin. The Al-Quada leader was living in Afghanistan and the Pentagon […]

The Paperboy No Cometh No More

I have read the New York Times for many years. Editors, critics, and reporters come and go, but the newspaper has held onto the best writers for the simple reason that they help circulation. Among that upper echelon is op-ed commentator Paul Krugman. The 2008 Nobel Prize winner has exhibited an uncanny insight into the […]

4Q By peter nolan smith

Coming back to America was a shock after a long absence in Asia. I was thin in comparison to the tubby NYU students waddling down St. Mark’s Place. They all had food in their mouth. My lower jaw hung slack in shock. This expression of disgust was bound to attract the wrong attention and a […]

Billion Bullets

I’ve only fired a gun once in anger and I’m not even sure whether that was really the case. The year was 1979. Hurrah was a punk rock disco in Manhattan. Blondie was playing upstairs. I was watching the band. The barman said there was trouble at the door. I thought maybe someone didn’t want […]