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Not So Great Scott

Scott Walker had surprised the Democrats by maintaining his control of Wisconsin. His right-wing policies have won favor with the white voters in the Cheese State. Unions have been weakened and taxes on the rich have been cut to insure lottery winners that they too will benefit from the GOP’s trickle down economics. While Scott […]

ROADS OF THE FLYOVER by Peter Nolan Smith [Kindle Edition]

In the Spring of 2009 a British filmmaker asked me to drive him around the Midwest. Brock Dundee was shooting a movie about a famous sculpter’s statues and the artist’s reaction to seeing them long after their completion. Barry didn’t have long to live. Brock and I were friends from the 90s. “I don’t drive […]

Live Long and Prosper In Iowa

Wilbur Harrison had a hit with KANSAS CITY. My schoolmate, Joe Fielder, traveled to the Paris of the Plains in 1965. The police caught him in St. Louis. He escaped through the bathroom window. The 14 year-old reached KC the next day. He ordered a steak and then rode a Greyhound to the South Shore […]

The Attack of Hotzillah

The swelling belly of the heat wave straddling the Bible Belt has been predicted to hit New York City this weekend. Local weathermen are warning the citizens of the Tri-State region that temperatures could top 100 on Friday and maybe even higher on Saturday and Sunday without any release from the torrid hot on Monday. […]

Pig Scare

In the summer of 1989 I visited Barcelona to see a female friend. Floe was a model. She came from Sarasota, Florida. Her apartment overlooked the Ramblas. We were attracted to each other, however she was faithful to her absent boyfriend. We slept in the same bed without touching. It was a very frustrating experience. […]