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SKATING ON THIN ICE by peter nolan smith

The monsoons coincide with low season in Pattaya. Hotels offer special rates and the bargirls call everyone ‘sexy’, but the government’s repression of the ‘red-shirts’ and the global economic downswing had forced the Thai Tourist Board to revise their typically optimistic projection for arrivals to the Land of Smiles, especially after monumental rains flooded the […]

GAAN-LOR by Peter Nolan Smith

Four years ago my ex-wife came back from the country. Her entire family was with her. She checked my phone without finding any strange numbers on my phone, since I had deleted all the messages from Mint. She were ‘friends’ and Mint wouldn’t call until my ex-wife returned to Ban-Nok.

Chasing the Dragon by Cops

Drugs are illegal in Thailand. The police have squads of officers scouting the slums, discos, and bars for offenders. Suspects are piss-tested for ‘ice’ and ‘ja-bah’, the two popular speed drugs in the orient. Any trace of purple means a lock-up for months. Actual possession could earn years, but smuggling drugs gets the most time […]