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2017 February

A snow day. Eight inches and more. Everyone took a snow day. The white snow covered all of Fort Greene. I traveled north to Catskill on the Hudson. Every miles brought me to the grasp of winter. The Hudson River flowed in the light of the setting sun. Charlotta met me at the station and […]

Winter Boom Boom

Last night I heard a rumble from the river. The thunder sounded like a battle. I worried that the Canadians had attacked New York City. I called several friends living on the Hudson. The growling grew louder. Finally Rod Longprong answered his phone. “I heard the same thing. It’s fireworks.” “Fireworks for what?” “For Super […]

No-Go Zone on the Hudson

Last weekend I rode the Hudson Line north to Poughkepsie. Spring was suffering a delay thanks to a powerful storm warping across the nation. Heavy winds were expecting to batter the region overnight. I sat by the window and watched the a gray rain lace the river. At times the opposite bank was obscured by […]