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Vagabonding In The City

My disaster stint in Alaska cost my apartment in Fort Greene. Too many hours. Too little money. How little? $100 for a thirteen hour day. I wasn’t cut out for selling silver trinkets to geriatric cruise line passengers. May was not the month to make sales in Juneau. Six days a week. I lasted a […]

Our Lady of Palm Beach MIA

In the summer of 2008 I took care of an 8 year-old Airedale in Palm Beach. The owners had rescued her from a shelter. Pom Pom was a little crazy. She liked to growl at people and loved biting little manicured dogs. My friend Lisa thought Pom Pom was a frat dog raised by college […]

Bojo Sleeps In The Rough

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London has called for the removal of anti-homeless spikes in upscale neighborhoods. He may be a tory, but Bojo is no Dodgy David Cameron