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Hillary With Her Friends

Barry Goldwater 1995. She had campaigned him in 1964. With the war criminal Henry Kissinger. Her old buddy GW. At Donald Trump’s wedding. ps check out bill hand on Mrs. Trump’s hip.

Hillary Not At Her Best

I have always felt that if someone takes a good photo of you or paints you in a flattering light likes you or has been paid enough money to alter your image to bless you with good light. Sarah Sole painted an uncomplimentary portrait of Hillary Clinton, which the painter defended by saying of MY […]

Hillary Lookalike

Is it my imagination that Hillary Clinton looks like the leader of the Foundlings from DEEP STAR NINE.

CIA BS War On Terrorism

9/11 has always been hinky for me. US Intelligence techniques love the ‘sting’ and I’ve always thought that the attack on the WTC and Pentagon was an deep-cover intel op left too long on the burner. 9/11 was never supposed to go that far, but someone up the chain of command said, “Let’s see where […]