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PAUL IST TOT by Feldfarben

Today is Paul McCartney’s birthday. PAUL IST TOT by Feldfarben has nothing to do with the Beatles’ bass player. But I love the post-punk apocalyptical tune. It’s certainly better than HEY JUDE. Fehlfarben – Paul Ist Tot lyrics (English translation) Ich schau mich um und seh’ nur Ruinen, EN: I look around me and see […]

I HATE PAUL by Peter Nolan Smith

The Beatles infested America in 1963 and the following April the Fab Four dominated the US charts with five #1 hits. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND was followed by one chartbuster after another. Everyone had their favorites. My next-door neighbor, Addy Manzi had seen the group at Carniege Hall in December 2, 1964. Her father […]

HEY JUDE by Wilson Pickett and Duane Allman

While I don’t Love Paul McCartney of the Beatles, Wilson Pickett’s HET JUDE is a killer. Eric Clapton said that Duane’s guitar solo is the best he heard.

Give Peace A Chance

Back in the last century Richie Boy, Ronnie D, and I were surfing in the Hamptons. The day ended with beers on the beach. A fire from driftwood warmed our bones and we rehashed old stories, as the sun sank over the salt marsh. Richie Boy’s girlfriend asked us to pose for a picture. We […]