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Cowboy Versus Batman

My friend Haoui Montauk bequeathed me a Paul Smith suit in his will. We had worked at a punk nightclub together in the late-70s. He had collected the cash and I had worked the door as a bouncer. Haoui liked to call me ‘rough trade’. He wasn’t wrong. I liked a good fight now and […]

The Doorman Poem By Haoui Montaug

Excuse me excuse me Who is in charge here I mean who has the guest list I must be on it I am personal friends with just about anybody you ever heard of Just check the list And I am sure that you will find my name Why isn’t anyone talking to me Can somebody […]

Haoui Haoui

Twenty years ago I called Hauoi from Singapore. He had been sick for a long time and told me of his plans. “I’m going to get drugged up and OD watching THE SIMPSONS.” “Sounds good to me.” I loved Bart, but I asked if he could wait until I was with him. “How long?” “Three […]