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I Stand Corrected.

I had previously written that go-go bars never play Pink Floyd, however the correspondent from the deceased PattayaGhost.com claims the following, “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2 has been played at a number of Pattaya go-gos. I’ve heard it in all the “farang-friendly music” joints, such as Champion, Club Nevada and even Classroom 2. […]

GO GO Safety

My cousin Sherrie performed exotic dances around the world. Her skill with a firepole was legendary and a smile graced her face through every routine before a devoted audience smitten with a drool factor of 10. The slim brunette was their goddess, but even goddesses feel pain. No one saw her grimace upon getting backstage […]

Hope and Anchor Hotel/Bar – Phnom Penh

After a three day stay in Sihanoukville Nick and I had enough of the sea, sand, and sun. We booked next morning’s bus to Phnom and checked out of the Angkor Arms. Upon hearing about our departure the hotel owner Roland wrote down the address of a salubrious hotel in Phnom Penh. It’s a good […]

Snake Farm A Go-Go Sihanoukville

After several hours of drinking gin and tonic’s at the Zig Zag bar, Roland, the manager of the Angkor Inn, suggested a night cap at the snake farm. “Ze girls there dance with snakes.” Roland is French, hence the ze instead of the. “Lead the way.” Nick was a great admirer of the exotic arts. […]