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LEAVING NY by Peter Nolan Smith

Thirty summers ago I was stuck in New York waiting for a doorman job in Gemany. My pockets were empty and my rent was a month late. Many of my friends worked at Danceteria on West 21st Street. I ate at the BBQ on the roof and drank for free. The owner was a fan […]

Ich Bin Ein Amerikaner

Last night my landlord/friend AP and I were joined by his loving daughter on the roof of the Fort Greene Observatory. AP hugged Lizzie and pointed out stars. It was a clear sky for New York. “Up there is Alpha Centuari. It’s the closest star to Earth.” “How far away?” Lizzie was a curious child. […]

Dunkel Dunkel

The word for darkness in German is ‘dunkel’. Darkness is ‘dunkelheit’ and today dawned very ‘dunkel’ in the Rhine city of Cologne. The farther north in Europe the shorter the days, as the northern hemisphere approaches the winter solstice. After dunkel comes the grey sky of morning and I will visit the great cathedral of […]

No Future for SS

Several years ago Social Security send out a form listing my contributions to the retirement fund. I goose-egged many years and accordingly my expectations for a nest egg upon reaching 65 are next to zero, however most Baby Boomers will receive enough money from the Big Deal program to feed themselves, while going through their […]

Das ist alles fur 2008 Beijing Olympics

The 2008 Beijing Olympics have completed all events. The Redeeem Team beat Spain for mthe gold. The closing ceremony has been televised to the world. TV sports commentators have called the games a success for China. The facilities, the presentations, and its # 1 placement in gold medals have shown that the Celestial Kingdom has finally reclaimed […]