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Erin Go Gay

Aristotle wrote in his histories that the Celtic warriors preferred homosexuality to heterosexual joining. The practice of man with man abounded amongst the Gauls and men ere deeply upset by the refusal of Romans to join them in gay orgies or one-one-ones. The Holy Roman Church quelled this freedom in favor of establishing their pedophiliac […]

Na zda-ró-vye Nyet

Soviet Russia attempted three times to curtail alcohol consumption. The last temperance movement was in 1985-1987 under Mikhail Gorbachev. Vodka and other spirits were rationed throughout the USSR and public drunkenness was punished by prison time. The loss of tax revenue was in the hundreds of billions of rubles and this economic shortfall led to […]

Proposition 19 / California

Fat white males around America have rallied their support for the ‘we are the people’ Tea Party. They are angry about having Health Care, pissed about taxes on the rich, and think the President wasn’t born in the USA. Fate white women are peeved about their children listening to rap, wearing provocative clothing, and watching […]