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Galileo’s Eternal Salute

Galileo Galilei helped restore science to Europe with his telescopic exploration of the solar system and stars. The Holy Mother Church in Rome was confounded by his heliocentric beliefs that the Earth revolved around the Sun, which was contrary to geocentricism. His Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems attacked the ignorance of Pope Urban […]

Ex-Benedict For Brunch

I love Eggs Benedict for Sunday brunch. Even better I would love for the Pope to get arrest tomorrow. His crimes are many and most are against the helpless. FUCK THE CHURCH and have a lovely breakfast with an atheist. We never preach.

Seven Deadly Sins go to 14

Several years ago Nick and I tried to list the 7 Deadly Sins while sitting at the Buffalo Bar. I named gluttony, envy, and wrath. Nick nailed sloth and lust. We struggled for the final two and finally picked pride and greed. I was guilty of sloth and lust, though never at the same time, […]