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Bette Davis Eyes

The expression ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ have been attributed to many writers, principally William Shakespeare, although the actual phrase probably transcended the time of windows, which were very rare in the Dark Ages. No where more true than in the eyes of the GOP challenger. He has tried so hard to […]

Cool Pockets

Back in the 1970s men wore tight clothing. Men were thinner than now. Beer bellies were way in the future and these men didn’t have crew cuts like most men of the 21st Century. They were cool. Back about those pockets. Are these men Mormon missionaries?

Labor Day 2012

Labor Day Weekend traditionally marks the end of summer in the USA. Millions of Americans flocked to the shore, lakes, mountains, parks, and backyards for a last gasp of enjoyment before going back to work. Few realise that the holiday was inaugerated by President Grover Cleveland as a peace offering after his ordering in troops […]