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White Flags O’er Brooklyn Bridge

Earlier in the morning five people climbed the tower of the Brooklyn Bridge and hauled up a dyed white American flag. The NYPD have no suspects and called the act a ‘stunt’ rather than an act of terrorism. The Freaked Fearful expressed their consternation to the Daily News with one construction worker stating, “This is […]

Arrigato Irene

Autumn is not known for storms blowing up the Eastern Seaboard, but in late october 1991 a tempestuous Nor’easter combined with a cyclone off the the Maritime Provinces and a sputtering hurricane. This unusual triad formed what is now known as the Halloween Storm or the Perfect Storm. The latter title was made famous by […]

Bloomberg, Téigh Trasna Ort Féin

New York’s Mayor Bloomberg spent $100 million to convince the voters that his opponent stood no chance against his juggernaut. The billionaire won by 6% thanks to the apathy of the brainwashed electorate. Bloomberg has cut services, raised subway fares, and balmed underlings for his failings, but this week the nebbish crossed ethnic lines by […]