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My hillbilly girlfriend and I moved to the East Village in 1978. The twenty-two year-old blonde came from West Virginia and I hailed from New England. Alice was in the theater like Bill, our upstairs neighbor. I was writing poetry. One day Bill announced that he had been cast in a western called HEAVEN’S GATE. […]

Honor To Doctor Nick

My longtime friend Doctor Neil Nepola was honored for his service to Staten Island. We met in European History 101 back in 1970. He married a beautiful wife, raised a loving family, and remains one of my dearest friend. Back in 1973 Neil and I were standing on University Avenue in Berkely. A Ford Pinto […]

THE REUNION OF BAD BOYS by Peter Nolan Smith

Two years ago I passed a long Thursday at the diamond exchange. Manny was worried about money and Richie Boy showed up late and shikkah or drunk. His father checked his watch. It was a little before noon. They argued the rest of the day about business and family. I stayed out of it and […]