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A Letter For Ralph

Last October Ralph Jawad of Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene was arrested by the NYPD for possession on marijuana and two guns. The neighborhood mayor is out on bail after a period of incarceration on Riker’s Island. The NY Post today heralded the approach of legal marijuana sales in New York, yet […]

The Ralph Is Free

I just saw Ralph on the corner. He’s been freed on bail. Everyone in the neighborhood is showing the love, but his troubles are not over so keep the support strong. Ralph is one of us. He’s no Emily Worthington, a Tribeca girl from the NY Times article on ‘the Beard’s arrest, who was scared […]


Last Thursday night I walked down Lafayette to repay a debt to the local bodega owner. Crossing South Portland I spotted several undercover NYPD cops gathered before Lafayette Ave. Meat Corp. Just the other day the bearded Palestinian had lent me $80, so I could send money to my son Fenway. All I had to […]