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Murmansk to St. Petersburg

Russian authorities have transferred Frank Hewetson and his twenty-nine Greenpeace activists from Murmansk to a St. Peterburg prison. This might seem like good news, however families and friends have yet to be in contact with the prisoners and the charge of environmental hooliganism carries a sentence of seven years. This charge was leveled against the […]

Far From Home – Frank Hewetson

Frank is from London, United Kingdom. He is a father of two. Frank has worked for Greenpeace in the UK and Australia since 1989. His commitment to environmental activism is tireless, and he has taken part in many Greenpeace campaigns over the years. He is a respectfully determined and intelligent man. Frank is a loving […]

Free Frank Hewetson and the Arctic 30

Last month my friend Frank Hewetson was arrested for hooliganism by Russian authorities. 27 other Greenpeace activists and two photographers were also incarcerated for taking part in a protest against Arctic oil exploration. Initially they were charged with piracy. Hooliganism is the same charge levied against the punk band PUSSY RIOT. They got seven years. […]

Free Frank From Murmansk

In January 2012 Frank Hewetson and I raced in Hampstead Heath. 50 yards. The Greenpeace activist leader beat me by a foot. “Barely.” I crowed, since Frank was 42 to my 59. “But I spent the last two months in a Greenland prison.” He had been arrested by Danish police for storming onto an Arctic […]