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Wind River Mountains 1998

Wind River Mountains 1998 In the Spring of 1998 my 78 year-old father and I embarked on a road trip through Wyoming and Montana. We picked up a rented car in Bozeman, Montana and stopped the first night in Chico Hot Springs. The next morning the two of us continued down Paradise Valley to Yellowstone […]

Dad’s Moustache 1972

In the early 1970s my father complained about my sister’s boyfriend’s facial hair and she told my father that he would look younger with a mustache. He grew one and then sideburns too. Youth always wins over an older man. Mom, my youngest brother Michael and my father Frank A Smith II. Love them all […]

Father’s Day Gift

My father came around the world to see me and Angie in Thailand. Most of the time he had no idea where he was. It was the start of his decline. Frank A Smith II passed in 2010, but my father will always be in the here-now with the love I carry for him into […]

A Man’s Best Friend

Three years ago my father passed from this world. He is here with me more than ever. A boy’s best friend. Frank Arthur Smith II.

Honor Guard for My Father

My father volunteered for the US military right after Pearl Harbor. His color-blindness excluded him from the army and marines, so he enlisted in the Army Air Force. He served in Kentucky testing radar-controlled 20mm cannons in B-25 bombers. He said they lost a crew a week. My father demobilized as a captain and the […]