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The Fears

Last night I read Poe’s MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH, despite having promised not to delve further into the literature of death. The opening paragraph portrayed a world lost to the plague. “The red death had long devastated the country. No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous. Blood was its Avatar and […]

Wash Your Hands

99% of men at a Yankee game refrain from washing their hands after a visit to the Men’s room. There was something macho about this lapse in cleanliness so far from godliness. As a Red Sox fan I was no different from these Yankee cocksuckers. Covid-19 has converted me to frequent hand-washing. My fingers no […]

Jacques Liebowitch RIP

Yesterday Jacques Liebowitch, doctor and researcher into HIV, passed away in Paris. His work on AIDS along with that of Dr Dominique Mathez saved millions of lives by detecting tainted blood supplies, lowering the dosage of medicines, and creating treatments to combat the virus’ attack on the human immune system. A true genius. For the […]


A greasy nor-easter ruined Columbus Day weekend for New York. I shut my windows for the first time in months and dressed to leave my apartment for breakfast at the Veselka Diner on 2nd Avenue. The shoes and jacket seemed unnaturally heavy after a season of shorts and sandals. Luckily Global Warming guaranteed that New […]

Le Liberte des Temps Passe

In the summer of 1985 our gang opened a nightclub in the old port of Nice, France. Jacques, Albert, Serge, and I rode along the Corniche in Albert’s Chrysler Imperial. We swam at the rocky beach beneath the Promenade des Anglais and dined on bouillabaisse at the Nautique. The gangsters of Nice wanted to sell […]