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Reading at Fort Tilden.

This Saturday evening I will be reading the first chapter of my punk novel THE END OF MAYBE at the Rockaway Artist Alliance in Fort Tilden. Free Parking. I go on at 8ish. CHAPTER 1 The November sun flashed off a West Village window and the wavering reflection stalked the Christopher Street pier to a […]

Rockaway Crash

Yesterday I licked my hangover wounds most of the day, but around 4 in the afternoon I decided to bicycle to the Rockaways. AP, my landlord, cautioned that a passing tropical depression might have churned the waves into a maelsturm of riptides and shore dumpers. I checked the surf report. The ocean looked calm and […]

ATLANTIC SLAPDOWN by Peter Nolan Smith

Last Saturday afternoon the streets of Brooklyn sweltered in the sultry August heat and my landlord invited me to join a family excursion to the beach. I had only swam in the ocean twice all summer, so my answer was quick and to the point. “Gimme five minutes.” I ran upstairs and changed into my […]