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Cannibal Capture

The BBC News have announced the Berlin Police’s capture of the Canadian cannibal/porno star/bisexual/model/transsexual Luka Magnotta. His crime of killing a Chinese student and posting body parts to various political figures had gripped the imagination of the media, who followed his flight from America’s northern neighbor to the Europe with the enraptured interest any reporter […]

Fuck-Up In Dusseldorf

The days of December went into double-digits without my purchasing a ticket to Thailand. I was sitting with Vonelli in his Charleroi mansion sifting through the online travel sites. The Floridian suggested Air Berlin out of Dusseldorf. It was a four-hour train ride from Luxembourg, where I had been serving as ‘unofficial writer in residence’ […]

17 Hours Bangkok-JFK Express

I’ve traveled from Bangkok-New York over 40 times in the last 15 years. East via Europe. West via Tokyo or Korea or Taipei. The stopovers at these transit terminals were rehearsals for purgatory and if so then drinks are cheap in that spiritual way station. In fact nothing is cheap in transit lounges, unless your […]