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FDTrump’s Million MAGA Parade

I’m 68 years old. I have been to every state other than North Dakota and Kentucky, where my fther served in Lexington testing radar-directed 20 mm cannons on B-25. The casualty rate was 20-30% depending on weather. He and I have been to Florida, Virginia, New York, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, and all of New […]

The Concession Speech of FDTrump

The pollster and mainstream media predicted a sweeping victory for Joseph Biden, however on November 2, 2020 the supporters of FDTrump turned out in record numbers to win the Florida and Ohio electoral votes. I stay up late and watched the counts from Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania teeter-totter between the two candidates. FDTrump was outraged […]

The Blue Ripple of November

For the last month the mainstream media and pollsters had been predicting a blue wave of Democrat voters to sweep Trump out the White House, take back the Senate, and strenghten their Congressional majority, however the eperts were shocked by conservative base hitting the polls in record numbers to create a swarth of red states […]