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Un Fils De Charleroi

My nephew Fabo is back in Pattaya. On his last trip I wobbled off the motorsai taxi. He lost a lot of teeth. Fabo is from Charleroi. People don” need much teeth in that city. Beer doesn’t acquire chewing. I wish I was in Pattaya with him. I like drinking beer too, but not Heiniken.

Spoof on Soi 6

Yesterday I was drinking with my good mate Fabo at the Buffalo Bar. It was empty of farangs. Most Europeans had stayed home to watch Euro Cup 2012 at home. The girls at the bar wore long faces. Few had had a customer in weeks. They huddled around Fabo and me, as if we were […]

Golden Smile

Fabo got fucked up in his motorsai accident. He’s lucky to be alive. A dentist replaced his lost smile. His teeth are all gold. In the afternoon he faces the west and his smile lights the soi of the Welcom Inn, where the the girls call him ‘yim thong’ or Gold Smile. They know their […]


My friend Fabo has heart of gold. This young Belgian is happiest with a Heineken in his hand and his eye on Gai, the Rubenesque beauty of the Buffalo Bar. He’s loved her forever. She loves him too in her own way. A long time. I like drinking with Fabo, because he doesn’t talk the […]