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Best Punch At CBGBs

Back in the 1970s CBGBs was a rough bar. The Hell’s Angels frequented the Bowery bar and no one challenged their claim to the punk rock venue, since the Angels scared off other asshole bikers, although not every night. In 1978 a packed house of garage rock fans greeted the Cramps’ debut and the Akron […]

The Old Man In The Mountain

The Old Man in the Mountain was first sighted by Europeans in 1805. The craggy profile had been carved by the glaciers of the last Ice Age and sculpted by the centuries of harsh weather crossing the White Mountains. Over the years millions of visitors have viewed the natural wonder popularized by Daniel Webster’s words, […]


The other evening I was at a party for the painter Jonathan Gent. The UK native’s work covered the apartment walls of a Wall Street banker, who had been gracious enough to support a live artist. His patron was a basketball player. They always have cred with me. The mini-paintings sold fast and Jonathan was […]

In More Wine More Truth

Last night I was invited to a dinner in the East Village. AP, my landlord/friend was impressed by my energy. It was 8:30. My usual bedtime was a little past 11. This detour from my pillow was at the request of the greatest B-movie actor in the history of punk rock. I bid AP good-night, […]

An Elegant Biker

Eric Mitchell rode a bike to an art opening in Red Hook. He wore a white shirt and black jacket. All his shirts are white. The cotton was dry. It’s a long hump from the East Village to the Gowanus Canal. Eric is part Cherokee. He doesn’t sweat. I’m slightly surprised that Eric is not […]