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Radical Weather 2018

Fires are burning the West of the USA. Fires also torched Greece, Spain, and France. Hot weather has torched America, Europe, and Asia. Rivers are dry across the globe. Drought has parched fertile farmlands. Summer has another month to run until autumn. The weather will be cooler unless it gets hotter and the world is […]

Da End O Da Woild

Flowers are beautiful. Art is meaningless. Some people seek love. Others expect the end. Tesla sought perfection. Edison gave them a lightbulb. Lightbulbs suck. I like bones.

A Shotgun and Two Jugs of Moonshine

On my 64th birthday I bought a shotgun with enough rounds to clear the streets of New York. Things were getting bad. If I didn’t get out of the city now, I was never getting out of here. Thankfully I have two plastic jugs on moonshine. They would help get me close to the Mississippi. […]

The Hour Of The 13th Baktun

A little more than three days remain until the end of the 12th Mayan Baktun, which began on August 11th, 3114 BC. Supposedly the Egyptians invented written language on that date. The rest of the Neolithic world was recovering from the ravages of the Great Ice Age. Agriculture wouldn’t revive in Northern Africa for more […]

B’ak’tun Tsunami

Doomologists have pinpointed the end-date of the Mayan’s 5,125-year-long cycle as or December 21, 2012 without predicting the cause of Armageddon. Various options for the B’ak’tun have been offered by opposing camps. Fundamentalists are hoping for the Second Coming of the Messiah and survivalists are arming up for collapse of the New World Order, […]