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The Fall of the Mighty

Thais and farangs living in Thailand are accustomed to the sight of police blocking a major thoroughfare or highway for the passage of a royal personage. Every intersections are sealed by police for the speeding cavalcade of luxury vehicles and security escorts. No one complains about this noble right of passage. Big people do what […]

Antha Thikarnta Mubarrak

In the autumn of 1982 I drove north from Paris toward Hamburg where I was working as a doorman at Bsirs. My journey was stalled outside the city limits by a massive police presence on the Autoroute. CRS police and French Army soldiers lined the exit ramps and guarded the overpasses. My orange VW Bug […]

Zionist Welfare State

Each year Israel and Egypt are given nearly $3 billion by the USA. No one has had the balls to criticize these boons to two of the world’s most oppressive states, however newly elected Kentucky congressman Rand Paul has exhibited the chutzpah to suggest the USA cut aid to Israel. Supporters of the Zionist nation […]