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Princess Pamela’s Soul Food

My friend Emily Armstrong found a photo of 1969 Princess Pamela’s Soul Food Cookbook. She wrote the following: “I was thinking smothered pork chops and remembered Princess Pamela’s Little Kitchen near my first apartment on E 10th Street. You had to shout up from the street, “Hey Pamela!”, and if she was in the mood […]

IN ABSENCE OF AMNESIA – Chapter 8 By Peter Nolan Smith

The spring rains washed the dirt from the streets. Thunder echoed across the city and lightning slashed jagged bolts through the sky like a celestial film crew was remaking THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW. Every song was written about Elana and I was tossed out of several bars for punching out the jukebox. Other women […]


My old corner on East 10th street was always hot. Reefer, cocaine, and heroin were the action, but the dealers and I had an understanding. No one dealt off my stoep and I didn’t call the police. If someone dealt off my stoep, I still didn’t call the police. I fucked with them myself. The […]