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Shooting To Kill

Last month I was talking to an ex-NYPD cop about the Amadou Diallo case. I offhandedly said that the officers involved in that fatal shooting were high on drugs and that the only good thing they did that fateful evening was not reload and shoot the downed African again. “You don’t know what the fuck […]

Few Are Chosen, Many Are Taken

Paris Hilton recently double-hit the gossip headlines with stops for reefer in South Africa and Corsica. The former was on suspicion on marijuana possession during the Netherlands-Brazil World Cup. The hosts apologized for the incident. Someone else was smoking the weed. The blonde heiress was busted after French drug dogs sniffed out a gram of […]

Speed for the Masses

China might have 700 million more people than America, however the Land of the Free and the Brave outweighs the Celestial Kingdom by a whopping 40% thanks to the obesity fad hitting America. The Communist Politiburo frustrated by the USA’s superiority in this department have launched a massive online campaign to sell Phentermine to the […]

Anti-Crack Island Thailand

Fed up with the traffic of contraband drugs into the Thai prisons, correction authorities are exiling a 1000 of the country’s most serious drug offenders to a high-tech facility designed to eliminate the smuggling of narcotics. The location of the prison will be in Nakhon Ratchasima province. Mobile phones will be useless inside the cell […]