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Not Again Not Ever

The KKK was founded by Southern white supremacists after the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. Armed bands of ex-soldiers roamed the night to terrorize freed slaves and elected former CSA General Nathan Forrest was elected Grand Dragon of the racist organization. Thousands of blacks were killed during this first reign of terror and the […]

Fuck Fatso # 45

The less said, the better. Fuck fatso. He’ll never be my president.

Target Guam

North Korea’s nuclear strike capacity has improved greatly over the past ten years. In 2006 the Hermit Kingdom announced a successful nuclear explosion. Pacific Rim nations have attempted negotiations with the hardline Communist dictatorship. Kim Il-sung and his youngest son Kim Jong-un have confounded diplomats attempting a negotiated settlement to curtail North Korea’s developing more […]

Proof Of Global Warming

The recent heat wave in the USA has not stopped the global warming denialists’ campaign of refuting science. I suspect many had failed the subject in high school. I responded to their fervent rejection of reason with the following logic. “Global warming is caused by Man’s not reading the bible. More sinners go to hell […]

# 45 In Paris

Paris is eternal. A city separated by the Seine. Blessed by beauty. Home to people of all races. Welcoming every in the world to visitone of the greatest cities in the world. Even H?itler. Even Hitler. Maybe not. But definitely me in the 1980s. Last week Donald Trump made his 2nd visit to Europe. # […]