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# 45 = Asshole

Donald Trump had not taken off Labor Day Weekend. # 45 has vowed to retaliate against North Korea with massive force, if the Hermit Nation dares to threaten the USA. His Treasury Secretary has said that any expenditure to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey needs to offset by cuts to other programs. The estimated […]

Good Cop – Bad Cop

This painting captures a young white boy’s fear of the police and it dates back to a period where cops were ‘good’. A recent adaptation reveals the terror of a small black boy confronted by a heavily-armed policeman. None of these bastards are good, except at acting like stormtroopers. Worse Donald Trump has reverse the […]

Nazis In Uniform

Nazis had great uniforms. They were all murderers. And the faithful liked following orders. They numbered in the millions. Nazis come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. The Nazis of the 90s were skinheads. They were loud. And few. Leather and tattoos were their uniform. Many of the Fascist marchers in Chancellorsville wore a white […]

Not Again Not Ever

The KKK was founded by Southern white supremacists after the defeat of the Confederacy in 1865. Armed bands of ex-soldiers roamed the night to terrorize freed slaves and elected former CSA General Nathan Forrest was elected Grand Dragon of the racist organization. Thousands of blacks were killed during this first reign of terror and the […]

Fuck Fatso # 45

The less said, the better. Fuck fatso. He’ll never be my president.