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Blue Angel Madness

Everyone hates Mondays. It’s the first day of the work week and I rode the F train from Brooklyn with shudders of trepidation. My boss Richie Boy had been especially abusive on Friday. We have been friends for decades, but he is no long who he was, since he wants to be someone else. Rich, […]

GONE ARE THE GODS by Peter Nolan Smith

This afternoon at the diamond exchange my co-worker Ava was reading scripture, while listening to god music on her computer. This good woman is worried about my soul. I told her that I was content with the threat of hell, for my best friend had drowned in Sebago Lake at age 8. No one saw […]

Pieces of Shit / BET ON CRAZY by Peter Nolan Smith

My opinion of people is based on the premise that we are all the same. Everyone wants good for themselves, their families, and friends. Adolf Hitler is the exception instead of the rule, however my boss on 47th Street holds people in a different regard. The year was 1994. All people are pieces of shit.” […]

An Artist’s Fast Fingers

My boss Manny started selling jewelry on Canal Street in 1954. He says that he didn’t sell his first diamond until a year later. “Back then all diamonds were white. We didn’t know any better and better still neither did the Gs.” Manny’s speech is colored by hundreds of diamond selling terms interspersed with Yiddish. […]

Surrender to the Rich

The chasm between the very rich and the poor in the USA was once separated by the middle class. The poor could rise to that status, but no one could become very rich, for the masses are mostly denied the three ways to get rich; birth, marriage, or theft. Birth is strictly a gene lottery. […]