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WHEN FAT MEN FLY by Peter Nolan Smith / Chapter 4

The first week in February I moved into an apartment in Brighton’s Bug Village. The walls were thin as a potato chip and a space heater warmed the living room. I slept under an electric blanket and Linda stayed over twice a week to share my bed. Wayne came to crash with Marie after concerts. […]


Dave Van Ronk was a growling folk singer, who benignly dominated Greenwich Village in the 60s. He mostly played the East Coast due to his refusal to fly. His mode of travel was buses, trains, or a car driven by a young girlfriend. His bearish body hid a gentle heart, which he revealed any time […]

House of The Rising Sun – Bob Dylan 1962

Fifty years later. The LP BOB DYLAN changed our world. I was ten years old. It was arranged by Dave Van Ronk. The Pope of Greenwich Village.

VAN RONK / Tom Russell

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MTnKO_eUc8 Van Ronk was the best of the best. I was blessed to have seen him in Harvard Square many times and Tom Russell’s elegy touches my soul with his elegant reincarnation of one man’s gift to an era and a world. Excuse me, but this old man has dust in his eyes.