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STUTTERING SIAM by Peter Nolan Smith

In the 1950s stuttering was considered a possible sign of mental retardation. At age 2 I spoke like a stuck record. My parents thought this disability would pass and I fooled them by mot speaking other than in single syllables. My family became accustomed to my aberrant speech habits, however upon entering Underwood Primary School […]

Slow Tongue

I have a stutter. I have it since childhood. My teacher at Pine Grove Elementary School feared that I might be retarded and strongly suggested to my parents that I visit a speech expert in Portland, which was the biggest city in Maine. My father and mother drove me to Maine Medical. A doctor gave […]

The Fatality of Infidelity in Thailand

Several years ago my friend, Sam Royalle, suspected his girlfriend was seeing another man. “It wouldn’t bother me if he was farang, but I think he’s Thai.” “How do you know that?” I always have suspected that the reason Thai girls insist of showering after sex is to erase any evidence of sex, although the […]