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Viva Che Fifty-Three Years Later

Like every other human born on this planet, Che Guevera began his life as a child. His bloodline was partially Irish and his last name was Lynch. His father laster stated that the blood of Irish rebels ran in his son’s veins. His youth devoted to education and according to Wikipedia the CIA considered the […]

Black and White TV From Havana

Key West marks the southern terminus of US 1. In 1980 I spend several weeks there and stayed in a small hotel off Duval Street. TV reception for the Miami stations was weak, however the signals from Havana came in crisp and clear. Most of the programming served Socialism in Spanish, however one station broadcasted […]

A Les Etoiles Fidel Castro

The son of a wealthy landowner, Fidel Castro betrayed Cuba’s ruling class to overthrow President Bastista and on January 1, 1959 the MR-26-7 entered Havana to oust the last vestiges of a corrupt regime allied the the USA. Angered by the expulsion of United Fruits, ITT, and various American interests Washington placed an embargo on […]

Jesse Ventura For Ambassador to Cuba

Former governor of Minnesota and ex-WWF wrestler Jesse Ventura has retreated from public life and lives ‘off the grid’ on the Baja, devoted to losing weight through surfing. I last saw him on the Larry King Show promoting his new book and he responded to the TV commentator’s query about Dick Cheney saying ‘waterboarding wasn’t […]

Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog

My mother loved the Pearl Harbor movie TORA TORA TORA. TORA TORA TORA meant ‘attack attack attack’ in Japanese. Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog, Gong-gyeog translates the same in Korean. This week North Korea has suggested to Russia and the UK that they abandon their diplomatic missions in Pyongyang before April 10, stating that the government will not […]