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Reefer IQ

While searching for US arrests for marijuana I discovered this test from FRONTLINE. I got all the answers right. My IQ for weed is very most excellent. 1. Under which president have more people been arrested for marijuana crimes? a) Ronald Reagan b) George Bush c) Bill Clinton 2) What’s the breakdown for marijuana arrests […]

The Fort Greene Observatory

Hurricane Sandy barely touched Fort Greene. Trees were knocked down in the park and the internet service has been off for a day, otherwise this neighborhood weathered the storm with ease. We are 120 feet above sea level. Coney Island and the other low-lying areas of city were not so lucky. Lower Manhattan remains without […]

Permanent Record

My permanent record began with my name written in the birth certificate from Boston’s Lying-In Hospital. Vaccination dates were added in my childhood without my knowledge, however the nuns of Our Lady of the Foothills were fast to warn their students that any wrongdoings in the classroom were indelibly noted in our ‘permanent records’. I […]

Headlines of Pattaya

City officials are constantly announcing clean-ups of Pattaya. Drug busts, gambling raids, crackdowns on bars, and arrests of criminal farangs have garnered the local headlines for years without progress, mostly the small timers are inspired by the truly majestic demeanor of the corrupt elite lining their pockets with kickbacks, bribes, and illegal take-overs. Decent Thais […]