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Over And Out – Senor Trump

Over the previous two months following the 2020 Election Trump, GOP politicians, and right-wing news stations had been very vocal about accusing the Democrats of having manipulated the counting of votes. Scores of lawsuits were filed by Republican lawyers against the results in Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. None of them were accepted […]

Freed From Freedom

Eighteen countries have issued advisories to Thailand warning against non-essential travel. The USA is one of them. My co-worker has a trip scheduled for later this month. Laara called this morning to ask my opinion on the situation. “There is a curfew in effect. 10pm to 7am. No political gatherings over five people. Censorship of […]

Coup d’Etat in Bangkok

On Wednesday morning I woke at 6am for a visa run to the Cambodian border. My wife and daughter slept blissfully, while I trundled into the living room. Sitting on the sofa, I turned on the TV. BBC News. 6am. Lead story. COUP IN THAILAND. Same for Fox News and CNN. Thai TV was showing […]